Upcoming premieres

The first premiere of the 2016 Theatre Olympics, Liu Libin’s Life between Heaven and Earth, was staged last weekend. Two more are scheduled in the coming 2 weeks. The first will be the premiere of Medeas: On Getting Across, a piece by Teatr ZAR’s Jarosław Fret and Simona Sala, inspired by the character of Medea. The musical dramaturgy of the show is built around Arabic, Persian and Kurdish songs sung by guest singers from Cairo, Tehran and Istanbul. Medeas includes a text by Greek poet Dimitris Dimitriadis. Premiere performances will be staged on 20–22 October at the Laboratory Theatre Space of the Grotowski Institute, followed by further performances on 6–9 November.

Eugenio Barba and his Odin Teatret are bringing to Wrocław the Polish premiere of The Tree, a performance created in co-production with the National Theatre in Budapest, the Grotowski Institute and the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016. The Tree received its Danish premiere on 19 September. Polish showings will be presented on 21–25 October. The Tree is part of The Trilogy of the Innocents, alongside The Great Cities under the Moon and The Chronic Life, both of which have already been seen in Wrocław.

The Grotowski Institute’s Programme will include the premieres of Alessandro Curti’s Krapp’s Last Tape (24 October) and Chinkon: The Repose of Souls by Tessenkai Theatre, Japan, based on the play by Jadwiga Rodowicz-Czechowska in a Japanese translation by Tokimasa Sekiguchi (4 November). The production is presented in a double bill with the Noh play Kiyotsune. Two more premieres are upcoming in the Eastern Line section: Nini Julia Bang’s concert-performance A Thousand Tongues (7 November) and Dead Line by the Warsaw-based Studium Teatralne (9 November).

Tickets can be purchased online through Ticketpro and at the Festival Centre, Barbara (ul. Świdnicka 8c, 9am–6pm).


Medeas: On Getting Across

Jarosław Fret


The Tree

Eugenio Barba | Odin Teatret

The Tree, photo Rina Skeel

Krapp’s Last Tape

Alessandro Curti

Alessandro Curti, photo Maciej Zakrzewski

Chinkon: The Repose of Souls

Tessenkai Theatre

Chinkon, photo Jakub Karpoluk

A Thousand Tongues

Nini Julia Bang


Dead Line

Studium Teatralne

La Possibilite, photo Gianna Benvenuto


Theatre Olympics roundup

Audiences at the Theatre Olympics

We have a special gallery of festival photos for our audiences.

Peter Brook’s Battlefield to conclude the Theatre Olympics

Peter Brook’s and Marie-Hélène Estienne’s The Battlefield, staged on 12–13 November, will conclude the Wrocław Theatre Olympics.