Change of exhibition opening hours, Town Square House, Rynek 25

Town Square House exhibitions are open every day from 10am to 6pm. Town Square House at Rynek 25 plays home to 5 photography exhibitions (by Monika Bułaj, Magdalena Mądra, Jan Rosołowski, Jan K. Fiołek and Maurizio Buscarino), Stefano Di Buduo’s installation Vision of Odin, as well as an exhibition of Haitian painting from Polish collections, Inspired by the Gods. The exhibitions at the Town Square House are open throughout the Olympics and are free.

A stand manned by PROZA staff offers hot and cold drinks in the afternoon. PROZA, the Festival Club, opens at 8pm.


Vision of Odin

Stefano Di Buduo
Stefano Di Buduo, instalacja
Exhibition of photography

Cry of Existence

Jan Rosołowski
Cry of Existence, photo Jan Rosołowski
Exhibition of photography

Sacred Crossings

Monika Bułaj
The sacred drums, photo Monika Bułaj
Exhibition of photography

Dziady of the Old and New World

Magdalena Mądra
Rytuały Brazylia, photo Magdalena Mądra
Exhibition of photography

Wandering Towards...

Jan K. Fiołek
Jan K. Fiołek, exhibition
Exhibition of photography

Apocalypsis cum figuris

Maurizio Buscarino
Buscarino, exhibition
Painting exhibition

Inspired by the Gods: Haitian Vodou Painting...

Aleksander Kawalec
Aleksander Kawalec, exhibition


Theatre Olympics roundup

Audiences at the Theatre Olympics

We have a special gallery of festival photos for our audiences.

Peter Brook’s Battlefield to conclude the Theatre Olympics

Peter Brook’s and Marie-Hélène Estienne’s The Battlefield, staged on 12–13 November, will conclude the Wrocław Theatre Olympics.