Applications for our October and November workshops

In October and November, we present a number of workshops for actors, led by artists who work with the voice developing their own performance methods. The workshop leaders are associated with the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, Farm in the Cave, Teatr ZAR and Theodoros Terzopoulos’s Teatr Attis, among others.

Chiara Guidi: THROAT: In Three Movements (29–31 October, 2–6 November)

This workshop is addressed to those who want to engage in a theatre experience that embraces both the point of view of the actor and that of the spectator. We are aiming to create a performance in three movements inspired by: Anton Chekhov’s novel, the voice of forensic anthropologist Eva Klonowski and the ancient role of doula, a woman who provides support to another woman. Through exercises, in an empty space, a method of work will be used that puts less emphasis on the opus and more on the process of its development.

Apply by 26 October.

Viliam Dočolomanský, Eliška Vavříková: Composition of the Action. Introduction (6 November 2016)

The workshop will be a basic introduction to the company’s specific work on creating the action of the performer, basing on a physical score. Through the physical score, its rhythm, intentions and qualities, the dancer or the actor ‘speaks the message’ and shares it with the audience. The work focuses on the relationship between the inner and the outer structure of the action, between the rhythmical articulation and the meaning, between the living present and the precise fixation.

Apply by 24 October.

Jorge Parente: Voice and Body (7–11 November 2016)

We invite participants to discover and experiment with their vocal identity through an exploration of their body and voice. The workshop is based on the physical actions developed by Zygmunt Molik (1930–2010), co-founder and actor of Jerzy Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre, where he played a crucial role in developing voice training.

Apply by 24 October.Aleksandra Kotecka, Tomasz Wierzbowski: The Art of Invisibility (7–10 November 2016)

The workshop introduces three-part polyphony, basing on the various musical scales of Georgian music, both folk and religious, and making use of basic musical formulas. Through a selected set of exercises shaped throughout ten years of both teaching and learning experience of the leaders, it aims at developing what may be called a sense of polyphony.

Apply by 24 October.

Theodoros Terzopoulos, Savvas Stroumpos: The Method of Theodoros Terzopoulos (10–11 November 2016)

Workshop is an introduction to the renowned and influential method of Theodoros Terzopoulos, which is being taught in international drama academies, drama schools and universities, and has inspired actors all over the world. The performers undertake an intense psychophysical training based on breath control, which aims to replace the human body in the centre of theatrical creation.

Apply by 30 October.


Please email your completed application form to Justyna Rodzińska-Nair at Please ensure that the subject line of the email reads: ‘Theatre Olympics’ followed by the name of the chosen workshop. The number of places is limited.

Workshop for actors

THROAT: In Three Movements

Chiara Guidi (Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio)

Composition of the Action. Introduction

Viliam Dočolomanský, Eliška Vavříková
Farm in the cave, workshop, photo Viktor Krounbauer

Voice and Body

Jorge Parente
Jorge Parente - workshop, photo Karol Jarek

The Art of Invisibility

Aleksandra Kotecka, Tomasz Wierzbowski
Kotecka, Wierzbowski - warsztaty, fot. Conrado Krovochein

The Method of Theodoros Terzopoulos

Theodoros Terzopoulos, Savvas Stroumpos
MTT, photo Karol Jarek


Theatre Olympics roundup

Audiences at the Theatre Olympics

We have a special gallery of festival photos for our audiences.

Peter Brook’s Battlefield to conclude the Theatre Olympics

Peter Brook’s and Marie-Hélène Estienne’s The Battlefield, staged on 12–13 November, will conclude the Wrocław Theatre Olympics.