Justyna Sobczyk


Justyna Sobczyk, photo from private archive

photo from private archive

Justyna Sobczyk is a theatre educator and director. She graduated in theatre pedagogy (Berlin University of the Arts), special needs education (Mikołaj Kopernik University, Toruń) and theatre studies (Theatre Academy, Warsaw), and is the recipient of GFPS (Gemeinschaft für Wissenschaft und Kultur in Mittel und Osteuropa, Germany) and DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, Germany) scholarships. Justyna Sobczyk heads the Theatre Education Department at the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw, co-directs (with Zofia Dworakowska) the postgraduate programme in theatre education at the University of Warsaw, which was set up by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute and the Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw, and teaches at the Theatre Academy, Warsaw. She founded Teatr 21 and co-founded the Association of Theatre Educators. Sobczyk is also the curator of the More than Theatre project at the Grotowski Institute. In 2016, she won Konstanty Puzyna Kamyk Award awarded by Dialog magazine and the Polish Book Institute.