Series of conversations

Breakfast in Process

27 October

We know about the Thursday Dinners, soirées with the artists or receptions after premiere performances. But theatre breakfasts? Sounds a bit odd… Even though breakfast is the most important meal – probably at least partly because it is one of the first activities during the day to which we can invite another person.

Including theatre breakfasts in the ‘More than Theatre’ section we want to taste various flavours; to check if the common meals will be able to mirror the specific qualities of art created by people with disabilities, in a different domain – art which is created for the community. We will try to find out whether some aid in this will come from the very (un)official situation and a different kind of activity, when we replace everyday – perhaps solitary – habits with a common experience. Sharing bread and art, experience and life, sometimes perhaps also experiment and play, coffee, food, words, and perhaps some of our concerns, will be an invitation to an adventure bordering performance and encounter, and including various flavours, various people and methods, as well as a whole variety of situations; we also hope that it will include recognition, dialogue, understanding and delight from the delicious food and company.

The subject matter of the individual breakfasts will depend on the hosts, guests and… of course, visitors.

Jakub Drzastwa, Magdalena Hasiuk, Agnieszka Piasecka, Justyna Sobczyk, Anna Zubrzycki