Teatr 21


Teatr 21, photo Grzegorz Press

photo Grzegorz Press

Teatr 21 was founded in 2005 during the Give a Chance workshops at the Complex of Community Special Schools in Warsaw. The troupe, made up of actors with Down syndrome or autism, started out by staging unorthodox nativity plays at school before moving on to original material. Over the past decade, their extracurricular theatre activities have turned into paid work. Teatr 21 have performed at many Warsaw theatres (Dramatic, Studio, Powszechny, Baj, Soho), the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, the group’s principal venue. They have also toured festivals in Poland, such as: Brave Festival (Wrocław), Malta Festival (Poznań), All About Freedom (Gdańsk), Modern Art Days (Białystok), Hurra Art! (Kielce), Karuzela and Perspektywy (Łódź), and abroad, including Normal Festival (Prague), Menteatral (Neratov) and No Limits (Berlin). Teatr 21 is directed by Justyna Sobczyk and is the only such theatre group in Poland.