PLAVO theatre


photo Andrijana Pajović

PLAVO theatre is a theatre laboratory guided by the principles established by the reformers of the 20th-century theatre: Konstantin Stanislavsky, Antonin Artaud, Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba and Odin Teatret, as well as the Italian director Massimo Giannetti. The company seeks to explore the deep levels of human communication, push the boundaries of human perception, live a utopia that reconciles anthropology and society, and present a critical attitude. Cherishing a seed of anarchism in themselves, they use theatre as a credible place where serious things about the world can be said. They put the human being at the centre of attention. Each actor is first a human being and then a performer, and theatre is a place where people can engage with life rather than with its imitation.

Founded in 1995 in Belgrade, PLAVO theatre has mounted 23 productions (which have toured to many festivals in Serbia and abroad), over 200 educational projects for young people, and seven international festivals in Belgrade. It has collaborated with numerous institutions, organisations, donors, embassies, as well as government and civil sector bodies in Serbia and abroad. In December 2015, the company celebrated 20 years of work as an independent theatre.