Nini Julia Bang


Nini Bang, photo Karol Jarek

photo Karol Jarek

Nini Julia Bang is a freelance performer, singer and musician living in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has been an actress of the multiple-award winning theatre company Teatr ZAR since 2006. Nini Julia Bang performs in all parts of Teatr ZAR’s triptych and has been instrumental in creating its last two parts, Caesarean Section: Essays on Suicide and Anhelli: The Calling. She holds a degree in classical singing from the Church Music School of Denmark. Her deep interest in the human voice has led her to research extensively within the field of voice in Iran, India and Tuva. She has private voice students, collaborates with music bands of various genres and frequently leads the workshop Embodied Voice. Nini Julia Bang is the solo performer of Hamlet Private directed by Martina Marti and premiered in 2013 in collaboration with the Danish performance collective Secret Hotel. Furthermore, she is one of the lead performers in the performance Of Light directed by Samantha Shay for the American theatre company Source Material, with Marina Abramović as mentor.