Leszek Kolankiewicz


Leszek Kolankiewicz, photo Magdalena Mądra

photo Magdalena Mądra

Leszek Kolankiewicz (born 1954) is a professor of cultural studies and anthropologist of performance. He was Director of the Centre of Polish Culture at Sorbonne (2012–2016), Director of the Institute of Polish Culture at the University of Warsaw (2005–2012), Chair of the Committee of Cultural Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences (2007–2011), Chair of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Team at the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2010–2012), Deputy Chair of the Executive Board of the Polish Association of Cultural Studies (2005–2009), a member of the Polish Committee for UNESCO (since 1992) and a collaborator of the International School of Theatre Anthropology. His books include: Na drodze do kultury czynnej (Road to Active Culture, 1979), Święty Artaud (1988, 2001; Saint Artaud), Samba z bogami. Opowieść antropologiczna (1995, 2007; Samba with the Gods: An Anthropological Story), Dziady. Teatr święta zmarłych (1999; Dziady. Teatr święta zmarłych (1999; English edition forthcoming, Dziady: Theatre of the Feast of the Dead), Wielki mały wóz (2001; The Big Little Dipper).