The Kana Theatre


Project: Mother, photo Piotr Nykowski

photo Piotr Nykowski

The Kana Theatre was established in 1979 by Zygmunt Duczyński. What was initially a student group gradually acquired an artistic maturity and detached itself from the university. Its two breakthrough shows, Moscow–Petushki (1989) and Night (1993), were based on the work of Venedikt Erofeev. In 1994, Night won the Fringe First and the Critics Award at the Fringe Festival, Edinburgh. Both Moscow-Petushki and Night have been performed on world renowned stages and received excellent reviews in magazines such as The Times, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Weekly, The Scotsman, Backstage, and many more.

The group have toured their work to Poland’s major cities and leading alternative theatre and art festivals (Malta Festival, Poznań; Days of Contemporary Art, Białystok; International Festival of Jewish Culture, Warszawa; Theatrical Reminiscences, Kraków; Theatre Confrontations, Lublin). The shows inspired by the work of Venedikt Erofeev were staged at the Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, for three consecutive years and toured to Moscow, Amsterdam, Berlin, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Santa Ana, Pasadena, San Diego and San Francisco, Cheltenham College (UK), Nitra (Slovakia), and London (Visual Theatre Festival, 1995).