Mother is a perverse, ironic show that portrays motherhood as an extreme experience. It follows young mothers as they discover the bright and dark sides of motherhood and as they face societal expectations. Can a loving mother allow herself a moment of weakness? Can she let herself feel helpless and confused, angry and frustrated? Is it acceptable to display emotions? The performance shows how mothers function within our society. It examines if they have the space and conditions to freely express themselves and get their needs met, and asks if they receive government support in caring for children and returning to work. It also explores the challenging process in which a relationship develops between mother and child – the attendant inner conflicts and the right to experience them. All this is told in an unexpected, funny, unorthodox way. The show was developed based on mothers’ blogs and the actresses’ own experiences.

In April 2016, the Kana Theatre started rehearsals for Father, conceived as young fathers’ response to Mother.

  • The Kana Theatre
  • Writer, adaptation, director ― Mateusz Przyłęcki
  • Performers ― Bibianna Chimiak, Marta Giers-Sanecka, Karolina Sabat
  • Music ― Andrzej Bonarek, Konrad Cwajda (song with lyrics by Mama Rysiowa), Piotr Starzyński, Mateusz Przyłęcki (rap song inspired by Hollie McNish’s poem Embarrassed, based on a translation by Grzegorz Czuchaj)
  • Drawings ― Gustaw Grygier
  • Animation ― Piotr Starzyński
  • Cinematography, editing ― Krzysztof Sanecki
  • Premiere ― 19 September 2014
  • The production creates a safe place for the women to talk frankly about […] the fear of being judged ‘a bad mother’. Is there any worse label to bear in our society? […] As for women still contemplating this possibility, Teatr Kana has given them a far more realistic view, which allows them to step into this role a bit more prepared. Although as they note in the show, no one is born a mother. Your child teaches you that.

    Megan | Duke City Fix

  • This show brought me to tears. I cried with delight and I cried with emotion. Moved, I listened to accounts of the maternity ward experiences that have already faded from my memory, laughing out loud at the blissful visions of motherhood spinned before getting pregnant (I laughed at myself!).

    Dorota Smoleń |

  • Bibianna Chimiak once heard that DVDs with the show should be given to young mothers on maternity wards. It should, because this funny show can give them strength and help them prepare for a relatively peaceful mothering experience and, importantly, one entered into out of their free choice; for an experience that is a conscious one, challenging but beautiful.

    Aram Stern |

  • They screamed out what most mothers feel but don’t say out loud. And they got the audience so excited that one hour after the show some of them did not feel like leaving the theatre at all.

    Monika Żmijewska | (Białystok)


Date and hour

11 November
12 November


Running time

65 minutes