Lav Lur

Lav Lur means ‘good news’ in Armenian. It is a call to stand up and move, to sit down and be. The two messengers who appear from somewhere share the dream to be troubadours and to travel around the world surprising people and being surprised, sharing stories, songs and dances. The escaping bride celebrates her freedom, the disabused lover teases his own illusions, the good boy meets the devil, a pirate feasts inside the dream of a young woman.

With an accordion, a washtub bass, a cavaquinho, a shell and two wooden spoons, Lav Lur sings news from various worlds, breezily inventing lyrics, traditions and unqualifiable yet familiar forms. A musical experience for every audience: friendly for children, comprehensible for strangers, spectacular for oldsters, enlivening for bankers.

Creation, composition and interpretation — Ana Madureira and Vahan Kerovpyan

Ana Madureira and Vahan Kerovpyan, based in Porto, Portugal, work in the areas of theatre, clown, music, illustration, writing and pedagogy. They explore various musical styles, instruments and games with the intention of creating a close and playful relation with the audience, opening the space to the spontaneous and to the present moment.


Date and hour

24 October

Running time

60 minutes


English, Portuguese, Armenian