Freddy Decreus


Freddy Decreus, photo from private archive

photo from private archive

Freddy Decreus (born 1949) is a Prof. Em. (Ghent University), by training a classical philologist. Decreus started to work at Ghent University in 1981, where he was responsible for courses in Latin Literature, Literary Theory, Mythology, Comparative Literature and Theatre History (esp. Ritual Theatre). Recent publications dealt with Post-colonial Perspectives on the Tragic (2004), The Performance of the Comic in Arabic Theatre. Cultural Heritage, Western Models, Post-colonial Hybridity (2005), Ritual Theatre (2009), Mythology (2009), The Reception of Classics (2010). His main interest today is the Italian theatre of the Socìetas Rafaello Sanzio and the ritual theatre of Theodoros Terzopoulos (2016, Agra Publications, Athens). Last year, he worked as a dramaturge for Jan Fabre’s production Mount Olympus. After his retirement in October 2010, he and his wife, Gina d’Harte, founded a school on the Canary Islands that focuses on the effects of Psychotherapy and Psychoenergetics.