Evelyn Wan


photo from private archive

Evelyn Wan is a PhD Candidate at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) at Utrecht University. Her research is supported by the R. C. Lee Centenary Scholarship from her hometown, Hong Kong. She holds a Research MA cum laude in Media & Performance Studies (2014) and an MA cum laude in Gender Studies (2011), both from Utrecht University. Prior to her postgraduate studies in the Netherlands, she graduated with First Class Honours from the programme Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) at the University of Hong Kong. Her research covers a wide range of subjects including media philosophy, gender and post-colonial theory, new materialism, and affect theory. Evelyn currently heads the Future Advisory Board, an emerging scholar initiative within Performance Studies international (PSi), and is a member of [urban interfaces], an urban research platform at UU. Outside of her academic endeavours, Evelyn is a volunteer at Stichting de Vrolijkheid and works on theatre projects with asylum seeker youths. In the past, she has collaborated with various artists in staging contemporary dance and physical theatre productions and creating site-specific performances in Hong Kong. She was also a translator and copywriter for Hong Kong International Film Festival, and Taipei Documentary Film Festival.