Aleksandra Kotecka

Aleksandra Kotecka, photo Tobiasz Papuczys

photo Tobiasz Papuczys

Aleksandra Kotecka has been working with Poland’s Teatr ZAR since 2004. She helped develop and now tours with their productions of Gospels of Childhood, Caesarean Section, Anhelli: The Calling and Armine, Sister. She has worked extensively with Georgian polyphonies – both during field expeditions and as part of her own research and most recently with the modal music of Persia and Armenia. Among her main interests is the music of Orthodox Christianity. Apart from Teatr ZAR’s projects, she co-created a musical score for Heresy Black, a performance of Compania Sineglossa, for the film Daas, and for Antigone by the San Francisco-based Cutting Ball Theater.