My Class

Łukasz Kos, Robert Bolesto

A remix of Tadeusz Kantor’s The Dead Class produced at the Cricot 2 Theatre in Kraków (first performed on 15 November 1975) 

My class... my first class
Do I remember those people? Do I remember those children? Their names?
Will I recognise them in the class photo?
The one I can’t find
As part of a remix of Tadeusz Kantor’s The Dead Class, I revisit my old school in the Warsaw quarter of Praga, looking for the first-form register with the names of the pupils from my class.
I look for those people
What will they tell me?
I want to look at the process of burrowing into one’s memory in a different way.
When I arrive at the building of my primary school, I feel my hair standing on end…

  • Creator —  Łukasz Kos
  • Dramaturg —  Robert Bolesto
  • Cinematography — Krzysztof Wiśniewski, Łukasz Kos
  • Edited by — Ewa Golis
  • Original title — Moja klasa


Date and hour

2 November