This is a journey to the outer limits of monotheisms. Prayers, dreams, water, fire. Death and memory. Scarves and dance. Passion and incarnation. The path of song. My work has changed over the years. I initially began by documenting religions, during wars and their aftermaths. But, at a certain point, my images began to look for me. Today I do something very simple, almost infantile: I collect the shards of a broken mirror, billions of shards, incoherent fragments, pieces, atoms, the brickbats of the Tower of Babel. Perhaps it’s the prerogative of the photographer to collect the tiles of a mosaic that will never be complete, and to order them in a way that seems correct, imagining, though never fully realising, a complete image of the world that may exist somewhere. Or that once existed and then was lost, like the language of Adam.


Date and hour

27 October


A visual story accompanied by words and sounds. With photos, music and film.