The stage is a place of an auction where everything – the roles, the theatre accessories, the emotions, the memories, the parts of human body – is being sampled, costed and purchased. The prices are affected by the fluctuations of the stock market. The actors humorously portray contemporary life, presenting their interpretations of the extreme behavior of people who manipulate and are manipulated by authorities in the time of crisis. However, this corrupt world can be redeemed by the promise of Amor, which could become a driving force people need to reclaim their humanity.

  • Attis Theatre
  • Direction, onstage installation, text composition ― Theodoros Terzopoulos
  • Text ― based on Amor Thanasis Alevras
  • Casting ― Antonis Myriagkos, Aglaia Pappa
  • Music ― Panagiotis Velianitis
  • Costumes ― Loukia
  • Lights ― Konstantinos Bethanis, Theodoros Terzopoulos
  • Execution of onstage installation ― Charalampos Terzopoulos
  • Technical director ― Konstantinos Bethanis
  • Production Executive ― Maria Vogiatzi
  • Premiere ― 6 December 2013


  • Terzopoulos is offering a proposal for the end of the world and its new beginning through a post-Brechtian distancing and a deeply sarcastic, but also intensely humane, approach.

    Dimitris Tsatsoulis | Eleftherotypia

  • A performance in dialogue with the contemporary era and at the same time transcending it. [...] Amor is like a thunder before the lightning.

    Stella Charami |


Date and hour

10 November
11 November


Running time

55 minutes




English and Polish