Piotr Rudzki


Piotr Rudzki, photo Natalia Kabanow

photo Natalia Kabanow

Piotr Rudzki (Ph.D.) is a theatrologist, Assistant Professor at the Department of Theory of Culture and Performing Arts at University of Wrocław. Since 2004 he is the editor of the quarterly Notatnik Teatralny. In 1995–2000 he lectured at the University of New Delhi, collaborated on the first book for learning the Polish language for Hindi speakers entitled Rozmówki hindi-polskie (New Delhi, 2003). For one year he was an advisor to the Polish ambassador in India Krzysztof Mroziewicz regarding academic and cultural issues. This cooperation led to the first presentation of the Polish culture on the Indian subcontinent in many years ‘Polish Autumn India 2000’. While in India, he foresaw the popularity growth of the films from Bollywood and the bhangra music (there are witnesses). Since 2006 he is the literary director of the Polski Theatre in Wrocław. As a dramaturg he worked with Wiktor Rubin (The Elementary Particles and Lalka/The Doll), Jan Klata (Titus Andronicus, Termopile polskie / Polish Thermopylae), Wiesław Cichy (Stand_up Witkacy) and Barbara Wysocka (Szapocznikow. Stan nieważkości/No gravity); as an actor he made his professional debut with the role of Grotowski’s Voice in the performance The Elementary Particles. Between 2001 and 2002 he was first a member, later also the press spokesman and vice-chairman of the Expo 2010 Wrocław Committee. He combined his interest in the work of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz with that in contemporary theatre in the book Witkacy na scenach PRL-u (Wrocław 2013). His articles have appeared in such magazines as Goniec Teatralny, Warsztaty Polonistyczne, Prace Literackie, Studia Filmoznawcze, Dolny Śląsk, Odra, Didaskalia, Polityka, Slavic and East European Performance (US), Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. University of Delhi, Economic & Business News from Poland (India), and The Telegraph (Nepal).