VerTeDance, photo Vojtech Brtnicky




In Simulante Bande, VerTeDance explore original ways of expression through movement based on the collaboration of a healthy and a physically disabled person. They have aimed to tackle at least a small part of the unexpectedly wide range of problems which disabled people face every day in an effort to lead a ‘normal’ life. Besides two acclaimed professional dancers Helena Arenbergerová and Petr Opavský, the cast includes two physically disabled performers, Alena Jančíková and Zuzana Pitterová.

They live here with us, but we sometimes act as though they were invisible. Sometimes we stare at them as though they were from another planet. We vaguely admire them, vaguely fear them, often we pity them. We hardly know anything about them. They often walk differently. They usually don’t conform to the general illusion of beauty. But their goals are the same as ours: To live a full life. Why do we continue to exclude them? Why is it always ‘us’ and ‘them’? Their acceptance can benefit all of us. We can even get much more than we ever imagined. Let’s introduce ourselves, even ‘just for a while’ counts!

  • VerTeDance Company and Archa Theatre
  • Choreographers ― Veronika Kotlíková, Tereza Ondrová
  • Dramaturg ― Lukáš Jiřička
  • Performers ― Magdalena Caprdová, Lukáš Homola, Alena Jančíková, Zuzana Pitterová
  • Music ― DVA
  • Lighting ― Pavel Kotlík
  • Costumes, set design ― Masha Černíková
  • Production ― VerTeDance, danceWATCH (Karolína Hejnová), Archa Theatre
  • Supported by ―, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Nadace Vodafone, METROSTAV a.s.
  • Premiere ― 29 April 2012
  • A profound and intelligent piece which entirely captivates the audience, not only in terms of its content, but aesthetically as well.

    Johana Mücková ǀ

  • Sad but never sentimental humour, disparages the false compassion of the healthy and the tendency to usurp the others. A must see!

    Vladimír Just | Lidové Noviny

  • Kotlíková and Ondrová have by means of dance and choreography touched on a whole range of taboos which usually paint over and simplify the way in which the healthy and the disabled perceive each other’s worlds.

    Jana Návratová | Taneční Zóna


Date and hour

26 October
27 October


Running time

55 minutes