Lower Silesian Theatre Platform

15–19 października 2016

The Lower Silesian Theatre Platform features 37 performances by companies representing diverse genres, including dramatic theatre, musical, children’s theatre, movement, mime, classical forms and experimental theatre. Platform audiences are offered a total of 3000 tickets for 6 different performance ‘trails’, each containing a selection of diverse shows juxtaposed to refresh their perception.
Above all, the theatre is an exploration of ourselves. Whether it uses ancient classical texts, masks, archaic gestures, modern reworking or staging solutions that are currently in vogue, it is and will always be about us. That is why the Lower Silesian Theatre Platform is the best programme with which to launch the Theatre Olympics, the great celebration of theatre in Wrocław, one that also says a great deal about the city itself.
Jarosław Fret

For detailed information please see the Polish language version.

Partner: Polski Theatre in Wrocław