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The accreditation process is already closed. Confirmed Theatre Olympics media passes can be picked up at Barbara, our Festival Office, ul. Świdnicka 8c, between 14 October and 13 November 2016. The media desk is open 10am–4pm on 14 October (Inauguration day) and 9am–6pm from 15 October.

Media accreditation passes will be issued to journalists and critics covering arts and theatre who plan to cover the Theatre Olympics in print, on the radio or television.

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  • – receive a media package that includes a copy of the festival catalogue and other publicity materials
  • – receive an ID card
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05 11 2016

Theatre Olympics continues into its fourth weekend with Main Section performances

During the fourth weekend of the month-long Theatre Olympics, we present more Main Section performances: Robert Wilson’s Krapp’s Last Tape, Jan Fabre’s Attends, attends, attends… (pour mon père) and Medeas: On Getting Across by Jarosław Fret and Teatr ZAR. 

04 11 2016

Day 21

Tessenkai Theatre, Chinkon: The Repose of Souls​
Remix as a Lesson​
, Jerzy Trela's and students' of the PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków remix
What Kind of ‘Forefathers’ Eve’ Do Poles Need?, debate chaired by Jacek Sieradzki

03 11 2016

More Japanese Theatre at the Theatre Olympics

After the performances of Tadashi Suzuki’s The Trojan Women, Wrocław will see the work of another company hailing from Japan. At the invitation of the Grotowski Institute, Tessenkai Theatre will perform two Noh plays, Kiyotsune and Chinkon: The Repose of Souls, and...

03 11 2016

Day 20

How Did Mickiewicz Play ‘Forefathers’ Eve’? Adam’s ‘Active Poetry’ at Collège de France​, Krzysztof Rutkowski's lecture
My Class, Łukasz Kos' and Robert Bolesto's remix

02 11 2016

Day 19

Afro-Haitian cult of Vodou
Whose ‘Forefathers’ Eve’ Is It?, Paweł Miśkiewicz's and Zbigniew Majchrowski's remix

01 11 2016

Day 18

THROAT: In Three Movements, Chiara Guidi's workshop
THE BOX: On This Białoszewski the Way We Listen to His Lines, Paweł Passini's and Jacek Kopciński's remix
The Materiality of Memory: Incarnating the Dead, debate chaired by Marcin Napiórkowski