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The accreditation process is already closed. Confirmed Theatre Olympics media passes can be picked up at Barbara, our Festival Office, ul. Świdnicka 8c, between 14 October and 13 November 2016. The media desk is open 10am–4pm on 14 October (Inauguration day) and 9am–6pm from 15 October.

Media accreditation passes will be issued to journalists and critics covering arts and theatre who plan to cover the Theatre Olympics in print, on the radio or television.

Accredited media

  • – can access all performances in their chosen section
  • – receive a media package that includes a copy of the festival catalogue and other publicity materials
  • – receive an ID card
  • – can take part in other events of the Theatre Olympics after making a booking online

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Video Materials


Press pack

09 11 2016

Day 26

Prometheus Bound, dir. Theodoros Terzopoulos
Farm in the Cave, Disconnected
The Truth of Virtual Reality, in conversation with Theodoros Terzopoulos
European Theatre Perspectives, symposium

08 11 2016

Day 25

ProFitArt and Studio Matejka, BOI
European Theatre Perspectives
, symposium
Voice and Body, Jorge Parente's workshop
Teatr ZAR, Medeas: On Getting Across​
A Thousand Tounges, Nini Julia Bang

07 11 2016

Theodoros Terzopoulos and Krystian Lupa come to the Theatre Olympics

The final week’s Main Section performances at the Theatre Olympics include: Attis Theatre’s Prometheus Bound (7–8 November) and Amor (10–11 November), both directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos, and Teatr ZAR’s Medeas: On Getting Across (7–9 November), directed by Jarosław...

07 11 2016

Day 24

Krapp’s Last Tape, dir. Robert Wilson
Attends, attends, attends… (pour mon père), dir. Jan Fabre
A Thousand Tongues, Nini Julia Bang
Composition of the Action. Introduction, Viliam Dočolomanský's and Eliška Vavříková's workshop

06 11 2016

Day 23

Noh Actor’s Craft, Tetsunojō IX Kanze's work demonstration
Witness/Action, panel chaired by Jarosław Fret
The Truth of Great Myths, in conversation with Eimuntas Nekrošius

05 11 2016

Day 22

Forefathers’ Eve, dir. Eimuntas Nekrošius
‘Forefathers’ Eve’: A Crash, Weronika Szczawińska's and Agnieszka Jakimiak's remix
‘Forefathers’ Eve’ in the Theatre, or ‘What Is (Un)Thinkable in Poland’, debate chaired by Zbigniew Majchrowski
A dance with...