Japanese theatre at the Theatre Olympics

Tessenkai Theatre is coming to Wrocław with two Noh plays and a work demonstration.

New Titles

Two books by Leszek Kolankiewicz have been published: an English translation of the book Dziady. Teatr święta zmarłych entitled Dziady: Theatre of the Feast of the Dead and a reissue of the Polish book Samba z ...

Dziady Recycling Festival: discussions and a lecture

Join us on 30 October for discussions and a lecture focused on ancestral cults, collective memory and Dziady as a living Polish myth. The events are held at Barbara, starting at 10am.

European Theatre Perspectives

Booking is open now.

An overview of Dziady Recycling Festival

The festival runs from 27 October to 4 November.

Tickets to Polski Theatre’s ‘Forefathers’ Eve’

Tickets to Michał Zadara’s ‘Forefathers’ Eve’ (‘Dziady’) are available to purchase on Friday 28 October, 1:30pm–6pm, and on Saturday 29 October, 9am–10:30am, at Barbara (ul. Świdnicka 8c), and 60 minutes before the performance at Polski Theatre...

Exhibition launch parties, Dziady Recycling Festival

Join us on 27 October for exhibition launch parties at the Town Square House at 25 Rynek and at Domek Romański. The exhibits are on view throughout the Theatre Olympics.

Dziady Recycling concert

On 31 October at 7pm at the National Forum of Music (NFM), a concert will take place as part of Dziady Recycling Festival.

Haunting Presence: Phantoms of Cinema

Promotional video for a programme of films at New Horizons Cinema.