Zofia Bartoszewicz

Zofia Bartoszewicz, fot. Tobiasz Papuczys

photo Tobiasz Papuczys

Zofia Bartoszewicz is an actress, performer, singer, and independent creator. She collaborates with the Village Theatre Węgajty and Transnationales Ensemble LABSA. She has been granted the Ministry of Culture’s scholarship. Her field of work is intuitive singing, composer’s improvisation, and concerts. She values encounters: thanks to meeting Irena Anacka, who lives in the social assistance home ‘Jonkowo’, she created the performance Transgresje ciała (Transgressions of the Body); meeting another inhabitant of ‘Jonkowo, Jan Jendrycki, brought the performance Różowe i żółte (Pink and Yellow); after encountering Anna Wojtyniak, a housekeeper from the village of Nowe Kawkowo, she created Prolog komedii (A prologue to a Comedy) together with Erdmute Sobaszek. She is researching into inter-genre communication.