Vadim Shcherbakov


Vadim Shcherbakov, fot. Karol Jarek

photo Karol Jarek

Vadim Shcherbakov (PhD in art theory) is a leading researcher at the Department of Research and Publications of Vsevolod Meyerhold’s Theatre Legacy, National Institute of the Arts, Moscow. He is the co-author of all Institute publications and a member of the Meyerhold Artistic Legacy Commission in the Association of Theatre Employees of the Russian Federation. Vadim Shcherbakov graduated in theatre studies at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts GITIS. He lectures on the international MA programme at the Meyerhold Centre. His articles and other publications focus on the history of directing in the first half of the 20th century in Russia and on art theatre of different eras and nations, with particular emphasis on masked comedy. Vadim Shcherbakov is on the editorial board of Woprosy tieatra. He has contributed to Teatr journal.