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Studium Teatralne, photo Studium Teatralne Archive

photo Studium Teatralne Archive

Studium Teatralne (Warsaw) was set up by Piotr Borowski in 1995. In 1997, together with the company members, Borowski founded an association to rent workspace in an old factory in the district of Praga, Warsaw, where the group continues working, performing and holding workshops to this day. Since its inception, Studium Teatralne has exercised their right of assembly and operated as an independent theatre company. The group has set themselves the goal of deepening and spreading a sense of artistic truth.

Nowadays, when theatre companies swiftly turn into receiving houses and their work is often limited to short-lived projects, Studium Teatralne follows a different path, informed by an ensemble ethic and ongoing training, which enables it to seek new techniques and vocabularies, to grow and make artistic discoveries. Studium Teatralne have toured to Polish and international festivals in countries such as the US, Sweden, Belarus, Italy, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia, Croatia, Germany, France, Moldova, Romania, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia.