Pippo Delbono Company


Gospel, photo Luca Del Pia

photo Luca Del Pia

More than a theatre group, the Pippo Delbono Company is a wandering community that has been creating a new language for the stage, for life itself and for that inextricable tangle between art and life that only a few dare to face. The group of artists – including Delbono himself – are, first of all, persons who meet each other in the same continuous precariousness which involves loneliness and isolation, and who see theatre as the most important space to be shared with others. Pippo Delbono’s theatre life – which is at the same time sane and lunatic – draws vital energy from his experiences with Odin Teatret and Pina Bausch and from studying oriental disciplines. Delbono’s performance pieces are born from stumbling, feverish readings, dreams. They consist of mutual listening, improvisation and personal experiences. In this texture Delbono inserts popular texts – which may act as dagger thrusts or flowers – giving them a complete new origin.