Jarek Rebeliński

Jarek Rebeliński, fot. Tobiasz Papuczys

photo Tobiasz Papuczys

Jarek Rebeliński graduated from the department of theatre studies in Warsaw’s Theatre Academy. He finished a post-graduate course ‘Drama in education’ as well as a qualifying course for drama educators and the one organized by the Forum Theatre. Since three years he has been working within the latter, conducting stagecraft consultancy. For four years he worked as a carer and therapist in an adaptational centre for handicapped youth (currently SDS run by Akces Foundation).

He is currently the director of the theatre run by Gdański Archipelag Kultury, where he realizes original projects Projekt Drama and Teatr Forum. He coordinates activities for the Orunia district and its vicinities, such as Kroniki dzielnicowe – art workshops for the youth, and Historie po oruńsku – making theatre with the local community.

He lectures pedagogy at the Wyższa Szkoła Humanistyczna in Gdańsk. He is the organizer of the festival Akcept. A former actor of Teatr Znak and Teatr Snów. He was the founder and director of the theatres Teatr Poza Tym, Teatr Pedagogów and Teatr Razem (integrational theatre). He initiated and founded the informal group IM+ working for the environment of the people with intellectual disabilities.