Farm in the Cave


Farm in the Cave, photo from Farm in the Cave Archive

photo Farm in the Cave Archive

International Theatre Studio Farm in the Cave is a Prague-based company led by Viliam Dočolomanský, which focuses on the development and research of human expression. The company has gained a reputation as a ‘modern lab’ providing continuous creative ‘asylum’ to performers regardless of their background and country of origin (Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Korea, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Russia, Vietnam). They develop long-term cultural projects, including research projects, creating internationally co-produced performances and conducting a host of interdisciplinary and educational activities. The focus is on the transmission of human experience beyond words and beyond the limits of ordinary understanding. Farm in the Cave have won multiple awards, both Czech and international, the most prestigious of which is the European Prize for New Theatrical Realities for Dočolomanský. The company have represented the Czech Republic at many prestigious festivals in more than 60 cities on three continents.

In its 14 years of existence, Farm in the Cave have developed from a laboratory studio focused on the interdisciplinary craft of the performer towards a socially engaged ensemble that provokes public discussion. This is the case of the trilogy Night in the City, an exploration of urban life and contemporary social issues that are largely ignored by society. The first part, Whistleblowers, premiered in 2014, the second part, Disconnected, in 2016.