Anna Zubrzycki

Anna Zubrzycki, fot. ze zbiorów prywatnych

photo from private archive

Anna Zubrzycki was born and educated in Australia. For the last thirty years she has lived in Poland, working as an actress and teacher. She was the member, co-founder and main actress of the Centre for Theatre Practices ‘Gardzienice’ (1977–1992). In 1996, together with Grzegorz Bral, she co-founded Song of the Goat Theatre in Wrocław, an ensemble which places the greatest value in ensemble work and innovative actor’s training. Until 2014 she was the main actress and artistic director of the ensemble, as well as the leader of the two-year MA programme in acting. She teaches actors to establish contact with the source of the voice (both in speech and song) and how to use it as a fundament of a strong, authentic and bold presence on stage. She is the founder of the ‘Voices’ foundation.