Alina Kietrys


Alina Kietrys, photo Marek Karwowski

photo Marek Karwowski

Alina Kietrys is a journalist, feature writer, theatre critic and university lecturer. She graduated in Polish philology (under Prof Maria Janion) and attended schools of journalism and artistic criticism. She was on the literature team of the Polish Radio in Gdańsk, Director of Radio Gdańsk, Director of Culture at TVP Gdańsk, head of the arts team at Głos Wybrzeża, editor of an arts and culture supplement to Delta, and a collaborator of Autograf arts magazine and of a number of national newspapers. Alina Kietrys teaches at the Department of Journalism, University of Gdańsk. She is Secretary of the Andrzej Żurowski Competition for theatre reviews by young critics. She has authored many features, reviews, columns, documentary films and radio programmes on arts and culture. She is the recipient of multiple awards, including the Mayor of Gdańsk’s award for arts journalism and an award of the International Forum for the Media of Polish Diaspora. She was recognised with the Distinguished Cultural Activist title. A collection of her features, Niespokojni, came out in 2015.