Alexey Levinskiy


Alexey Levinskiy, photo Jacek Świątek

photo Jacek Świątek

Alexey Levinskiy is an actor, director and teacher, the winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation for the Arts. After graduating in acting from Moscow’s MHAT in 1969, he was a leading actor with the Satire Theatre, Moscow (1969–1987). From 1971 to 1975, he studied Biomechanics under Nicolai Georgyevich Kustov, Meyerhold’s former colleague, actor and Biomechanics teacher at Meyerhold’s theatre in the 1930s. In 1979, he graduated in directing from the State Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS). In the same year, Levinskiy began experimental work with actors and students, and founded the Theatre Studio, which is still in existence today. He currently works as an actor and director at Moscow’s OKOLO and Ermolova Theatre, and regularly conducts master classes in Biomechanics at the Meyerhold Centre as well as in Austria, Germany, Holland, UK, US, Poland and other countries.