The Truth of Virtual Reality

Theodoros Terzopoulos, chaired by Małgorzata Sugiera

In the modern era of technology’s prevalence, virtual reality as a modus vivendi cancels many human psychophysical functions, minimizes the vital energy and ultimately creates a spectral being. In what concerns theatre, we find ourselves facing many questions and new redefinitions of the traditional terms of arts and humanity. Virtual reality opens various creative perspectives, although in the time of globalization the advancing abolition of classic schools and national traditions, and their replacement by a virtual reality all lead to inhumanity, which could be a danger for the theatre. These are rather common views on a future of both mankind and theatre as its typical form of expression and communication. Are they telling the only truth about today’s situation? This will be the main topic of the conversation. Theatrical speculations will serve as a starting point toward a broader philosophical view on culture and its media as well as similarities and differences between matter and code, physicality and (computer) simulation.


Date and hour

8 November


Greek and English with Polish translation