Insenso is the story of a woman who is insanely in love, with love transcending logic, boundaries and dimensions. Insenso is a total defeat of wisdom, a crippling triumph of feelings.
It is an opera without music, where the word and body are separate instruments. The movement in the play is not only the backdrop for the words but is in dialectical conflict with them. This form of theatre seeks to stir the audience mentally and physically.

The piece is dedicated to Greek actress Melina Mercouri, the originator of the European Capital of Culture, a project which embodies her idea of culture that transcends boundaries. Her passion did not stem from ideals or political agendas but from deep love and her belief in the 'meaningfulness' of human nature.

  • Director ― Petros Sevastikoglou
  • Text ― Dimitris Dimitriadis, translated by Ilias Vrazas
  • Performer ― Alexandra Kazazou
  • Sets ― Bajka Mourier, Petros Sevastikoglou
  • Costumes ― Bajka Mourier
  • Sound ― Kostas Georgakopulos, assisted by Dariusz Jackowski
  • Lighting, photographer ― Karol Jarek
  • Sets ― built by a team led by Piotr Jacyk
  • Producer ― Kostas Georgakopulos
  • Production ― Avant Art, The Grotowski Institute
  • Project co-ordinator ― Grażyna Górka-Dudek
  • Premiere ― 15 January 2016


Date and hour

18 October


Running time

60 min