Adoration. Achin Pakhi: The Unknown Bird

The performance is based on the life story of Lalon Fakir, a Bengali saint, mystic, song writer, social reformer and thinker. Parvathy Baul will sing in Bengali and tell the story in English. Lalon is a key figure in the Baul tradition of Bengal. In one song, Lalon asks: ‘How long before I am united with my heart’s companion?’.

Everyone asks: ‘What is Lalon’s caste (religion)’?
Lalon says: ‘I haven’t seen religion with my eyes.
If they wear a topi, they call them Muslim,
If they put on a white thread, they call them Brahmin,
But what sign of religion remains,
When one is born or dead?’

‘People talk about religion,
And I can hear it everywhere.’
Lalon says: ‘If I could hold religion in my fist,
I would burn it down.’

  • Performer and director ― Parvathy Baul
  • Text ― Parvathy Baul, Lalon Fakir


Date and hour

19 October

Running time

90 minutes


English, Bengali


The Tree, photo Rina Skeel

Odin Teatret


Eugenio Barba, photo Maciej Zakrzewski

Eugenio Barba